3 Important Packing Tips for a Successful Residential Move

In honor of National Moving Month, the movers at Burrows Moving are providing Chicagoland residents with our best moving and packing tips. Residents often do not know how to properly pack their belongings, and with limited time to spare during a move, it always helps to make sure that what you own is properly packed. Good preparation through packing is one of the best ways to ensure a seamless and stress-free move. Below are three important packing tips for a successful residential move.

  1. Make note of any furniture, belongings or areas that could be potentially hazardous. This can include anything from chairs with broken legs, to fragile glassware, to a broken staircase. The more your movers know about your belongings, the better. Doing this will keep you and the movers protected, and it will also ensure that any hazardous furniture or belongings will make the trip from one residence to the next safely and in one piece.
  2. Make sure all open bottles of liquids are tightly sealed, and avoid any possible spillage or leakage by packing them properly. A good tip is to line a box full of liquids with garbage bag material. Towels, cloths, and paper can be helpful as well. Packing paper or bubble wrap should also be used to stuff around each individual bottle in order to ensure that the bottles stay upright and do not touch each other. These boxes should be placed near the bottom of the truck to avoid any potential leakage and damage to your other belongings.
  3. Make sure all fragile glassware and china is packed delicately with lots of packing paper (not newspaper as it has to be hand-washed off), bubble wrap, towels and whatever material is required to keep it safe. Use plenty of paper and towels to line boxes containing glassware, and make sure that everything is packed right side up instead of on its side. Mirrors, large picture frames and larger glass decorations should be wrapped in blankets and taped.

With these three important packing tips, your residential move will be a success. Packing prior to the move completes most of the prep work before Burrows Moving arrives. We’ll handle the rest. Happy National Moving Month from Burrows Moving!