5 Unpacking Tips from Residential Movers

To end National Moving Month, we’re providing our top five unpacking tips for your next residential move. Moving day can be stressful, so with these five tips, you’ll end the move on a high note. The key is to be as organized as possible from the very beginning of the move and follow the prep instructions and tips from the professional movers. Stay ahead of the day and make the unpacking portion easier with the following:

  1. Make time for the unpacking process. Whether it’s expedited over a weekend, or a slower process that lasts throughout the following week, make sure that you find a good amount of time to get the job done. You don’t want to unpack boxes for months following a move!
  2. While the movers are unloading boxes, have them place the correct boxes into the appropriate rooms. That way, you won’t carry boxes all around your new home while unpacking, and you can simultaneously avoid injuries. Remember to unpack any essential boxes first.
  3. Unpack your rooms in an order that makes sense. Start with your bedroom in case you need another day to unpack the rest of your belongings. Your bed will be ready for you when you are too tired to keep going! From here, unpack the bathroom, followed by the kitchen, and then the remaining rooms. 
  4. Have the professional moving company unpack and set up any large rugs and furniture before they leave. Once you have your rugs and larger furniture in place, the rest of the day will seem like a breeze! These items are heavier as well, so letting the movers manage it will help you avoid any physical strain.
  5. Clean up as you go. During the moving process, strategically place a few large garbage bags and/or recycling bins in your home for used moving paper, box tape and trash. Remind everyone to clean up as they go. By the time you’re done moving, you will just have to throw out or recycle the trash!

With any move, begin with finding the right moving company to work with you. Moving companies can pack and unpack whatever is required, and as professional movers, they will do it in a way that is hassle-free and easy. Just make sure that you stay organized and follow a strategic flow throughout the day so that you can seamlessly and comfortably move into your new home!