50 Reasons People Prefer Our Moving Services

Highly Reliable Chicago Moving Services

Highly Reliable Chicago Moving Services Within many of the reasons, we identify what it is that Burrows Moving Company does versus what it is that some of the competition does, in order to highlight the benefit to our customers of each better feature that we use.It is unanimous among Burrows' moving personnel that the overall totality of our moving techniques, our trucks, our moving equipment and our moving system make us the best of theother reliable Chicago moving companies. We also feel that within that overall totality there is not one single better moving technique or better piece of moving equipment being used by any other professional mover that we know of. As we continue in the moving business we will always be looking for better ways and better equipment by which to do better moves for our customers and we will certainly incorporate these things into our moving system as we find them. This will help us to achieve our goal of always being known as the most innovative and reliable Chicago moving service. &nbsp Policies and Practices
  • Our policy is to always do the best job possible.
  • Our policy is to give free, no obligation on-site written estimates from an experienced mover salesman, even for small moves.
  • We employ only top-quality moving personnel.
  • We do many, many moves involving extremely fine furnishings and valuable antiques.
  • We offer top-quality piano moving services.
  • We do very special problem solving involving hoisting, craning and unique liftings.
Saving Money
  • Our high levels of efficiency save our customer's money.
  • Our moving personnel all use the hump strap to save our customers labor costs.
  • Our crews utilize the speed pack box to expedite moves in elevator buildings.
  • We bring enough dollies to fully expedite each job, thus saving customer's money
  • We offer low midmonth rates to further save our customer's money.
Customer's Responses
  • Many customers use us over and over again.
  • Customers tell us all the time that they will be recommending us because of the great service that they have received.
  • We have been in business for over 25 years
  • We follow all of the rules that the Illinois Commerce Commission has established to regulate professional moving companies.
Office Policies
  • We have a friendly and helpful office staff to fully inform anyone who inquires of us about our moving services, insurance policies and about Illinois Commerce Commission regulations.
  • We are flexible to accommodate customer's closing (s) difficulties.
  • We require a small deposit to reassure our customers that their booking is set into our schedule and that we will show up on moving day.
  • We are one of the few moving companies whose office accepts personal checks from customers.
  • Our office maintains a list of Chicagoland buildings that are problematic to movers.
Job Staffing
  • Each job is run by a crew chief to attain maximum teamwork and efficiency.
  • We optimally staff each job to minimize the customer's labor and truck costs.
  • We have backup personnel on duty daily in our office to help with overloads.
  • Our salesmen are also building coordinators for high-rise buildings to help expedite our customer's moves.
  • We are prompt and we balance each day's work schedule so that our men stay most productive every day.
  • We try to assign larger trucks then called for by the estimator for each job to make for easier truck loading, speeding up the job.
  • Our trucks have custom-made bodies on diesel powered, low riding chassis with air ride suspensions and drop frames.
  • Our large moving vans have side doors as well as backdoors. We do not use inefficient lift gates for household goods moving.
  • The low overall height of our trucks allows us to pass under many more viaducts.
  • We carefully maintain each truck's body.
  • Our trucks all have many ways to belt off the load.
  • We tie off the load with belts, not rope.
  • Our large moving trucks have an attic.
  • Our trucks have safety flooring.
  • We use only late-model trucks kept clean and in good repair.
  • We use only the best pads and covers available to prevent furniture damage.
  • We bring enough dollies to fully expedite each job.
  • We bring a large steel plate on each of our trucks.
  • We bring Surface Shield carpet protection to keep carpets clean.
  • We bring special hardwood floor protection and masonite to prevent floor damage.
  • We protect furnishings with shrink-wrap to keep them clean.
  • We use special reinforced and padded couch covers to protect sofas and keep them clean.
  • We bring along a complete set of tools.
  • Our drivers use Nextel radio/cell phones to help expedite jobs and to better communicate with customers while in transit.
  • We use custom-made universal mattress covers to protect any size mattress or box spring and keep it clean.
  • Our trucks are stocked with special materials.
  • We have a roaming truck with materials onboard that can be rushed to any job site where materials might be unexpectedly required.
Cleaning & Disposal Services
  • We promote Maid Marion's household cleaning and disposal services to save aggravation for our customers.
Long Distance
  • We offer only exclusive long distance expedited service.
  • We provide up to 30 days of free storage in certain circumstances.
  • Our storage is an exceptionally clean movers-only storage, not a public access storage, so customer's goods are safe from bugs, rodents, or dust damage.