Best Moving Company in Des Plaines, Illinois?

Situated right next to O’Hare International Airport, Des Plaines is a suburb that is perfect for those who travel frequently given its proximity to one of the largest airports in the nation. However, even if you are not a frequent flyer, Des Plaines has something in store for you. Named for the Des Plaines River, which runs through it, Des Plaines is a beautiful, historic and natural setting for individuals and families.

As a good fit for for growing families, Des Plaines offers welcoming and friendly neighborhoods that are also affordable and safe. One of the greatest places to explore in Des Plaines is the downtown area. With a variety of shopping and service opportunities, residents can live in and enjoy areas that have an urban feel but are far removed from the city. For example, Metropolitan Square, which is just one block away from the city’s Metra station, features 135 condominium and loft units, situated on pedestrian-friendly lanes and surrounded by restaurants and service providers. There is additional office space, retail space and a large grocery store also available in this area. Other corridors include Oakton Street, Miner Street, and Lee Street which boast local eateries, boutiques and retail stores.

Within this community are over 100 restaurants featuring everything from American, to Greek, Asian, Mexican, Middle-Eastern, and Polish flavors. As a fun fact, Des Plaines is home to the first franchise of McDonald’s, which opened in 1955. Now it is preserved as a museum north of downtown. This is a great location for a quick trip or even a meal, as it is surrounding by a shopping areas, so that you can enjoy a full day there.

If you are planning a move to Des Plaines, let Burrows Moving help you get there. With extensive experience in moving valuable antiques, luxury goods and fine furnishings, Burrows Moving can help you have a moving experience that is seamless, safe and stress-free. For those with families, moving to Des Plaines can be a challenge, especially with young children. However, we can make your residential relocation an easy transition. Rely on us to help you safely and easily move to Des Plaines.