Movers Available in Glenview, Illinois

Considered part of the affluent group of northern suburbs known as the North Shore, Glenview lies within the Northfield township, and is just 20 miles north of downtown Chicago. With a total area of over 13 miles, Glenview is considered one of the largest suburbs in the North Shore. Incorporated as Glenview in 1895, the area was primarily farmland until after World War II, when local builders developed it into the suburban area that it is now.

In particular, Glenview is known for its exceptional public education system. Just a few years ago, it was voted as the 19th best public high school in the United States. The Glenbrook School District in particular is ranked as only second to New Trier Township and 10th in the nation according to Business Insider. Glenview is perfect for parents looking to find one of the best educational programs in the nation.

Known as a family friendly community, there are several areas within Glenview that live up to this reputation. These include The Glen, The Grove, Park Center and Wagner Farm. The Glen was a former Naval Air Station that was transformed into a shopping center. Including within the Glen Town Center are two golf courses, a lake, soccer fields, walking and biking trails, the Kohl Children’s Museum, and a train station. Within the center of the Glen is Park Center, one of the largest multi-purpose facilities, located in the center of the Glen. With an indoor pool, health and fitness center, and a preschool and senior center, Park Center also offers many programs related to the arts, dance and sports programs for both juniors and adults. The Grove is a prairie area that includes nature trails and historic buildings. It’s actually listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Along similar lines is another historic plot of land called Wagner Farm, a farm owned by the Glenview Park District. The farm offers hands-on programs that vary every season, including horseback riding, tractor driving and other farm-related activities.

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