Best Moving Company in Lake Forest, Illinois

Located in Lake County as the northernmost suburb of Chicago’s North Shore, Lake Forest lies south of Waukegan and along the shore of Lake Michigan. When it was founded in 1857 as a community surrounding Lake Forest College, Lake Forest established itself as a beautiful stop for travelers making their way south to Chicago. Its City Hall was established in 1898 followed by its fire department, its library and other city offices.

Lake Forest is considered one of the wealthiest suburbs around Chicago. Notable figures have lived and continue to reside in the area from professional athletes and actors to literary authors and politicians. The demographic makeup of Lake Forest entails mostly married couples with children, as the area provides exceptional educational opportunities from preschool through post-graduate schooling.

Aside from its investment in its children and educational system, Lake Forest also puts a great deal of care and maintenance within its natural resources. Named a Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation, Lake Forest received recognition to its commitment to its community parks and forests. It has received this honor for the last 26 years. For those families that cherish natural beauty and the outdoors, Lake Forest could be the place for you!

Greenery and nature go a step further with Lake Forest’s open air markets. Locally sourced food and resources means a great deal to the Lake Forest community, and so open air markets are provided around the city. As an environmentally conscious community, Lake Forest offers its residents all of the best in parks and recreation. Residents all of ages can experience a variety of high quality programs, activities, markets and services under the direction of the Parks & Recreation Department.

With all of the opportunities in dining and shopping, arts and culture, festivals and concerts, and parks and recreation, Lake Forest is a great community for families and couples alike. Once you decide to move there, make sure that you are making necessary preparations! Finding a professional moving company that is knowledgeable and experienced with the area is imperative for an easy relocation process. Burrows Moving can help you get packed, moved and unpacked within your new home in Lake Forest.