Moving Services in Lincolnwood Chicago

Did you know that Lincolnwood’s former name was Tessville? It was named after a German immigrant named Johann Tess, a man who purchased tens of acres in the area. The community’s population grew, especially during the Prohibition area. Unfortunately, as did the amount of saloons and gambling facilities. Soon enough, the town was known for its drinking and gambling. The name was officially changed to Lincolnwood in 1936 in order to improve upon this controversial reputation. With an intriguing history like this, it is no wonder that Lincolnwood is one of the most historically-rich places to move and live in, within Illinois.

The small village is part of Cook County at just 10 miles north of Chicago. The eastern border of Lincolnwood lies along the North Shore community, though it is not officially considered North Shore territory. Just off the Edens Expressway, Lincolnwood offers quick and easy access to and from the city. Especially for those who want a break from the fast-paced life of Chicago and its surrounding communities, Lincolnwood is a prime location. A business-friendly community, both small and large businesses are located here, including a few manufacturing properties.

As an ethnically diverse suburb, Lincolnwood has a lot to offer. From parks and recreational areas to country clubs to a chamber orchestra, residents have a wide range of leisure activities within the village. There is also an indoor mall containing over 100 shops, called Lincolnwood Town Center, and shops within the streets of the village, along with many dining options throughout the town. During the Christmas season, a specific area of Lincolnwood is renowned for the holiday lights featured there, along with a three-story Christmas tree. It’s definitely a must see for residents and visitors alike!

To move to a suburb like Lincolnwood, you need to make sure that the moving company is not only familiar with the area but also adept at executing a suburban move seamlessly and completely. Moving companies that you can trust, like Burrows Moving, will need to help you get the job done in a timely and efficient manner. Contact Burrows Moving to get started and we will help you move to your next home in Lincolnwood!