Long-Distance Moving Services

When you need help moving to or from the Chicago area, Burrows Moving & Storage Co. is the provider you can trust! We specialize in Exclusive Ship long-distance moving — a service that means your goods get their own truck; and that truck doesn’t have to make any extra stops for any other customers. Protected and prioritized in transport, your belongings reach their new home quickly and efficiently, having received exclusive, personalized shipping care. When you want long-distance moving services that take the hassles out of a big move, let Burrows Moving & Storage Co. help! Talk to us about the best in Chicago long-distance moving services. Long-Distance Moving Services Chicago Our Exclusive Ship Service The beauty of our Exclusive Ship service for long-distance moving in Chicago is that you get the best long-distance movers — fast service, expert professionals and personalized support. When your goods are the only ones being transported, they get priority service. You can rest easy knowing your items are moved quickly, expertly and reliably by our professional moving team. For anyone who has fine, expensive furnishings and/or needs fast, reliable shipment, this service is the answer. It gives you a way to minimize any potential for damages, losses, misplacement, theft, etc., while enjoying a faster shipping experience in the process. Limitations of Exclusive Shipping The one drawback to exclusive shipping is that the price is a little higher than moving with a shipper that consolidates. When shipments get consolidated, each customer’s goods on the truck share in the driving costs. With Exclusive Ship, on the other hand, your goods are the only ones being moved. This means our price can be up to twice as much as a consolidator’s price — you’re paying for round-trip exclusive service, whereas consolidators give you a bargain price for just one way. Advantages of Exclusive Shipping The thing about consolidated shipping is that it opens you to a variety of drawbacks. A delivery mix-up may mean your goods go to the wrong place or, worse, get permanently lost. Your furnishings may be transferred between multiple warehouses, and multiple trucks and people end up handling your goods. If you have anything special being shipped, you run the risk of it being damaged or mishandled in a way that causes serious problems. These are just a few of the reasons why Exclusive Ship service is so important. With Exclusive Ship, your goods are put on their own truck, and they are only handled again when they’re delivered at their new home. Choosing Burrows Moving & Storage Co. When you’re looking for specialized service for moving long distance to or from Chicagoland, our long-distance Exclusive Ship service is the perfect solution. We do Exclusive Ship and only Exclusive Ship long-distance moving, so throughout our years in the industry we have focused all our attention and energy in this area of the moving realm. While for consolidated shipping, there are a variety of good providers in Chicagoland, for exclusive support, Burrows Moving & Storage Co. does it best! Come to us whenever you need moving service long distance that will cater specifically to you and your load of goods. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us to discuss options!