The #1 Movers in Northbrook, IL

Located within Chicago’s North Shore, Northbrook is one of the larger villages north of Chicago at 13 miles in size. Rich in history and known for its pristine and sophisticated landmarks, Northbrook includes within it the Northbrook Court shopping mall, the Ed Rudolph Velodrome, the Chicago Curling Club, and the Northbrook Public Library. The village is a fantastic place for those looking to escape rural or urban areas, and live within a supportive and engaging community of diverse residents.

Northbrook was once known as Shermerville when it was incorporated in 1901. Originally a farming community, Shermerville changed its name because of the negative reputation it received as having rowdy saloons. After the name change, and immediately following World War II, the community started to grow dramatically. Within 30 years, the population went from 3,000 residents to over 30,000 residents. Twenty years later, the village changed its name to what it is now, Northbrook. It is named after the West Fork of the North Branch of the Chicago River that runs through the village.

Northbrook is a perfect community for young families and couples alike. Within this village includes reputable stores within Northbrook Court and around town, boutique shops, and numerous restaurants. From national retailers to independent store owners, the shops and restaurants in Northbrook offer the latest and trendiest  in merchandise, services and food.

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