Chicago Office Movers

Normally commercial moving involves relocating office furniture, computers, copiers, office equipment and sometimes even fine executive furniture. Most used office furniture is in such bad condition that it does not need to be well-protected; however, fine executive furniture, copiers, computers and other sensitive electronics do. Commercial movers will primarily be moving desks, file cabinets, chairs, and partitions. These furnishings are best moved on dollies to be bed-loaded (not stacked) on the truck and padded there. Even though there can be a few nicks and scratches or even a dropped furniture piece, this approach is used for most used office furniture in order to expedite the job to keep the customers' costs down. With any office relocation service the main emphasis tends to lean towards economy not extra care for used furnishings. Therefore the typical moving company will use any kind of cheap help that they can find for their jobs - including day laborers and casuals who are not trained. The problem with using unskilled help is that the supervisory personnel have to make absolutely certain that these unskilled laborers never even touch the fine executive furniture, expensive copiers, computers and other electronics. Those items must be isolated so that only the most experienced movers handle them. ‚Äč To meet the goal of doing an economical move, a good Chicago commercial moving service must provide a highly-experienced crew chief on one end of the move and an assistant crew chief (also highly experienced) on the other end with enough movers and trucks and plenty of dollies between them to keep the job flowing efficiently from the first location to the last. It takes a great deal of experience and leadership on their part to keep all aspects of a commercial office move well-coordinated and flowing expeditiously. Each job is unique logistically and can sometimes involve quite a few trucks and some rather large crews running back-and-forth between the originating and destination locations. The crew chief and his assistant have to plan and carefully coordinate all the moving personnel being used throughout the job to achieve maximum efficiency. Burrows Moving Company has done this consistently over the years for many customers and therefore we are considered by many to be among the best commercial movers in Chicago. The real advantage of using Burrows Moving Company is that all of our movers are highly-trained professionals. It is our policy to never go to the day labor pool to get help for our jobs. Another advantage is that we also equip all of our movers with Nextel direct connect cell phones. Consequently, as the move progresses every member of the crew can communicate with anyone on the crew with less running around to better coordinate the job. Using the Nextel direct connect walkie-talkie feature each of our experienced commercial movers can step forward and communicate suggestions to the crew leaders in real time to help keep the move rolling along dynamically. This approach expedites each job because the men don't have to constantly search to find the crew chief or his assistant to figure out what to do next. This ability for everyone to communicate with everyone and having all skilled crewmembers can so relieve the crew chief and his assistant of their own workload as to give them time to step in and help with the moving, instead of spending all of their time supervising. In this manner our customers get maximum effectiveness and efficiency on their jobs which saves them time, money, and aggravation.