Professional Organ & Piano Moving Services

Piano moving can be both a science and an art because the task requires special knowledge and skills that normal movers, even the most experienced, do not have. This is true because acoustical pianos are extremely heavy (especially the big grand pianos or big, tall, upright pianos which have heavy player mechanisms) and at the same time they are extremely fragile. To make moving them even more difficult than just being heavy, these instruments are housed in very fine cabinetry. Pianos and organs have to be relocated from and to a huge variety of settings, some of which are quite difficult themselves. So Piano movers have to use their raw, brute strength coupled with skilled, expert finesse to move them without damages. As a piano is being relocated it needs to be positioned so that it is not directly over a heat source nor in direct sunlight from a window as these elements will damage the piano over time. Also, it needs to be in the home for about 2 weeks to get acclimated to it before you bring in a tuner. The pictures below illustrate both the science and the art of relocating a grand piano into one of the many difficult situations which our Chicago movers have encountered.

Expert Piano Movers When You Need Them

In order for a grand piano like the one above (or for that matter, an upright piano) to be relocated unscathed up a staircase, highly-skilled, very experienced professionals using the right equipment are requried to do the job. Our movers know that the science and the art of moving grand pianos up or down a set of stairs requires the use of one set of piano moving techniques (shown above) while the science and art of moving upright pianos up or down stairs requires another (shown below). The only way anyone can learn to be a professional piano mover (moving both kinds of pianos without injuries or damages) is for him to be trained on the job over a long period of time by other highly experienced individuals such as these. Professionals like this eventually become so adept at moving pianos from their years of experience that each effort becomes like rote work to them. Burrows Moving in Chicago currently employs 15 of these highly skilled piano movers while another 10 are in various stages of training. A few of our senior movers have been providing piano moving services for over 20 years!

Our Piano Transporting Technique

We are qualified to move or hoist just a piano alone for a customer or we can move and / or hoist a piano as a part of a customer's residential move. Whenever piano relocation is involved as a part of a residential relocation we always assign some of our most experienced professionals to the job. We believe that Burrows remains a leader in piano moving services throughout Chicagoland. The proof of our contention is that almost every other piano moving company in the Chicago has called upon us at one time or another over those 30+ years to handle a difficult piano move that their own men could not accomplish.
  • When we move a grand piano we first pad it up like a mummy, then secure our special grand piano cover over the padding.
  • Next, we place the correct sized padded piano skid board onto the long flat side of the piano, remove one side leg and gently tip it down onto that side (taking care to not break one of the other 2 piano legs, which is easy to do at this point).
  • Then we remove the other 2 legs and the lyre, finish padding the piano and put it up onto a special four-wheel piano dolly to move it.
  • When it comes to upright pianos, we have to move them with little or no padding (as shown in the picture below) in order to be able to grip them.
  • If we moved the upright pianos fully padded, then the pads could slip as we're gripping the piano and we could lose the piano and damage it or injure the men. This is why piano moving requires highly-skilled and experienced piano movers.
  • We always move pianos placed up upon our special four-wheel piano dollies, even when we have to hoist them .
  • When we have to actually carry the pianos, we use enough people to make this hard job easy. As has been shown in the previous pictures, our men carry pianos very, very carefully up or down stairs and around obstacles as they are encountered.
Moving a piano takes great skill especially when a curved stairway is involved, when the headroom over the movers is low, when the stairway is very narrow, or when the steps are steep and / or narrow. View a slide presentation of a grand piano crane hoist that we did recently.

Professional Training

We consider our piano movers to be the best anywhere (certainly they are the best in Chicago) and those who have seen us move pianos in tough situations will heartily agree. Walter Burrows, Burrows Moving Company's founder, learned various techniques for moving pianos professional from three different major piano moving companies in Chicago beginning over 40 years ago. When he decided to form Burrows Moving Company he was determined to make it the best piano moving service in Chicago. He immediately began training our personnel on the best of all the techniques that he had been taught over the years at each of those companies. Since then he and the experienced Burrows movers have continued to develop new and even better piano moving techniques in order to make this difficult job easier. Today we feel that we are using the best techniques and equipment available anywhere to move our customer's pianos in the easiest and safest ways possible.