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Whether you’re moving across town, to a new city or out of state, Burrows Moving & Storage Co. is the Chicago professional residential moving company you can trust to make your move happen smoothly. In an industry where many moving companies shy away from residential services, we’re proud to provide quality support from some of the best and most talented residential movers in Chicago. Chicago's Leading Residential MoversWe offer our clients a high caliber of care from talented professionals who know how to manage the transportation of your personal belongings, whether you’re moving locally or long distance. When you’re looking for the kind of Chicago residential service that means a smoother, more efficient move, come to Burrows Moving & Storage Co. Why Quality Residential Movers Are Hard to FindIt would probably be surprising to most people to learn that in the Illinois moving industry, residential moving is considered to be the most difficult of moving services — but it’s true! Some of the oldest and largest Chicago moving companies prefer to provide as little as possible in the line of residential moving services, opting instead to do only commercial jobs. That’s because commercial jobs tend to be bigger, and they do not require the moving skills that are necessary to successfully transport a homeowner’s high-quality household goods without damages. This means, for homeowners like you, looking for a quality residential moving company can be challenging. Thankfully, you have Burrows Moving & Storage Co.

Your Reliable Residential Moving Company in Chicago

When you’re a discriminating customer looking to move homes, you don’t want just anybody handling your personal possessions and fine furniture. You want highly skilled movers who can carefully protect all of your valued furnishings and then expedite the job. That’s why you want Burrows Moving & Storage Co. Here are some of the benefits of choosing our team:
  • Skilled professionals: While many other Chicago residential movers use unskilled day laborers in order to save labor costs, we provide skilled movers who know the ins and outs of handling items with care. We only work with well-trained, capable and experienced movers who know how to carefully protect fine furnishings.
  • Standouts in the industry: Many of our customers have told us that they could not find a residential moving company in Chicago that excels at household goods moving until they found us.
  • Versatile capabilities: Burrows Moving & Storage Co. can move fine furnishings, antiques, pianos, organs and more.
  • Strong track record: We’re proud to say we have a three-year complaint-free record among Illinois movers. What’s more, our excellent reputation with movers’ watchdog groups (listed in the left margin) and our many reference letters testifies to our skill and expertise.
As the independent Chicago moving company committed to giving clients top-quality residential moving services on every job, Burrows Moving & Storage Co. is here to serve you. Let’s Get StartedAre you planning to move sometime soon? Are you looking for the kind of Chicago moving company that will make your transition simpler and successful? Let Burrows Moving & Storage Co. be your partner at getting your goods where they need to go — safely and efficiently. Simply get in touch with us about your project, and we’ll be happy to help you. Call us today for an immediate quote for your upcoming move!