Moving to the Village of Wilmette?

Are you moving to Wilmette? Consider yourself very fortunate! This beautiful North Shore of Chicago community boasts tree-lined streets, lakefront properties and beaches, and charming brick loads lit with street lanterns. Just 14 miles north of downtown Chicago, it is perfect for those who prefer to live in a neighborhood different from where they work, as Wilmette is considered a “bedroom” community. This simply means that most of the residents here live, eat and sleep in Wilmette, but work elsewhere.

As a near northern suburb of Chicago, Wilmette is located immediately to the north of Evanston and to the west of Lake Michigan. Within its five mile span, Wilmette is considered a “tree city” given its well-developed urban forest and parks. The village is on the forefront of creating a more sustainable environment through energy savings, pollution and recycling programs, and improved water management and conservations systems. In fact, since 2010, the village has partnered with green initiatives to present an annual living and recycling event that attracts thousands of residents, vendors, exhibitors and activists in promoting sustainable living.

In addition to its natural beauty, Wilmette offers a wide variety of cultural, religious and historical attractions. Home to the Beha’i House of Worship, known as one of the “seven wonders of Illinois,” Wilmette welcomes both local visitors and traveling tourists at this spiritual site. The neighborhood also includes one of the nation’s oldest shopping centers, the Plaza del Lago. Aside from these main attractions, Wilmette provides historically significant parks and beaches, all of which are worth visiting! Other cultural attractions include regular literary events, along with dance, music, theater and other visual arts. The community website offers all of the relevants dates for any of these events in the area.

Perfect for families given the beautiful and charming neighborhood and homes, Wilmette was actually ranked as the 7th best place to raise children in the United States by Business Week. Furthermore, in 2015, it was ranked as one of the best places to live in Illinois given its median income, low unemployment rate, low crime, short commute times, and low housing vacancy rates. When you move to Wilmette, you are joining a community committed to protecting its residents, homes, and neighborhood. Give Burrows a call to get you started!