Residential & Commercial Moving Services for Winnetka, IL

Moving to Winnetka? Did you know that in the 2010 census it was ranked as the richest municipality in Illinois and the second richest in the United States? As one of the most exclusive and wealthiest suburbs in the nation, Winnetka is a beautiful residential area for families and couples to fully enjoy amongst the elite. The estates and homes in this area were built and designed by notable architects, builders and interior designers. Celebrities, politicians, notable business figures and many prominent leaders reside in this community, so prepare to mix and mingle with high society.

Within this society, there have been several notable events including a speech by Martin Luther King Junior, along with many mentions and appearances of Winnetka in movies, television shows, and songs. An extensive list of notable figures, including actors, political leaders, athletes, musicians, and more come from and continue to reside here. Want to live among the rich and famous? Winnetka is where to do it!

As a family friendly suburb, Winnetka offers a variety of activities, experiences and attractions for both children and adults. To begin, the village is easily accessible via an easy drive or rail commute. With three Metra stations in Hubbard Woods, Winnetka and Indian Hill, Winnetka offers a variety of transportation options, even though it is one of the northernmost suburbs in Illinois. Secondly, the schools within the area are ranked among the top schools in Illinois, and the educational philosophy called the “Winnetka Plan,” which fosters creative, emotional and social development, is thriving. Finally, the well-developed recreational parks, beaches and athletic facilities, which are maintained by the Winnetka Village Park District, are continuously beautified and maintained all year round.

It is evident that this community within the North Shore is committed to its residents, beautiful environment, citizen involvement and educational excellence. If you plan on moving here with your family, you will be in good hands. Regardless of where you’re moving from, Burrows Moving will be able to safely and seamlessly move you to your new home in Winnetka in the most comfortable and convenient way possible. Call us today to plan your move to Winnetka!